In Korean, sohn maht literally means “the taste of the hand,” and it’s often used as a compliment to the cook. But it’s much more than that. It speaks to the tradition of cooking in Korean culture. Of the way a family member infuses each dish with their own culinary instincts and creativity—you can sense the person behind the meal, the care they put into making it comes through every bite. It’s a flavor all their own, generation to generation. Sohn maht is a sense of connection and belonging, of continuity and evolution.

For me, that intention is greater than food. These ceramics are informed by tradition, and inspired by Korean culture. They are new takes on tools used from generation to generation. And each piece carries the essence of the maker, the care and uniqueness, the “taste of the hand.”

TOOOLS --> Sohn Maht. Beauty and utility were the basis of TOOOLS, the design collaboration between Caroline Hwang and Joel Speasmaker. The seeds for Sohn Maht were planted there, in Caroline’s sculptural banchan sets—a perfect marriage of form and function, craft and culture. Sohn Maht is the natural evolution, a full and inspired line of Caroline’s handmade ceramics. Works of art for everyday use, steeped in Korean culture and culinary traditions.

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